Strydcast 5: Exporting Power workouts

Screenshot 2017-08-08 13.36.54
TrainingPeak’s steps, which I found did not work for me

Gambling has never been so exciting as with razor shark test. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun! Many have been asking about how you can export a workout from TrainingPeaks and put it on your watch. I found that the instructions on TrainingPeaks (found here and pictured on the side) were incorrect, so I wanted to show:



a) How athletes can create a structured, power-based workout on TrainingPeaks

b) How to export this to a Garmin 920xt (note this is not needed for a Fenix 5 or 935 because of the TrainingPeaks app

c) What it is like in action

d) Whether it works or not and worth all these steps

Here are the steps to download and load to 920xt:

  1. Create workout in TrainingPeaks
  2. Export as a .fit file to desktop
  3. Plug in Garmin 920xt
  4. Open Garmin Device directly (should be on desktop) or Open “Finder,” go to Devices, and open
  5. Open up “Garmin” File
  6. Open “NewFiles”
  7.  Drag and drop created workout into “NewFiles”
  8. Eject Garmin

The workout will be in your “workouts” section of your watch

Enjoy the video:






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