Chris’s Year Of Fear

Gambling has never been so exciting as with razor shark test. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun! I broke down my fears into 5 categories that I wants to tackle head on. These are in no order and is an on going, living list so as more fears come up in meditations and life-analysis I will add them as he sees fit. After accomplishing each, I will strike them off the list and link to a short blog post on why it’s a fear and what the experience was like. The goal is to focus on one fear per week.
Some of these are not really fears in the sense of watching a scary movie. Rather they are putting myself into a position that I have never done before or avoided or that I would find uncomfortable. It’s also about breaking down my limits and pushing my mind and body to places I have never been before but know I can get to.


Eating/Food related (these are more about dealing with the negative self talk surrounding eating these food and the guilt after)
  1. Eat a bowl of sugary cereal
  2. Eat a real doughnut
  3. Eat a high carb meal
  4. Go one week without Stevia
  5. Drink a real beer (no light beer)
  6. Eat a small pizza
  7. Eat an Ice cream Sundae
  8. Actually have a real slice of real birthday cake


Spirituality-this category is less fear but more stretching my boundaries and experiences
  1. Participate in a Buddhist silent retreat
  2. Meditate 30min everyday for a week
  3. Observe/participate in an Islamic service (not really a fear but putting myself in a position I have never put myself in before)
  4. Observe/participate in a Jewish service
  5. Go on a yoga retreat
  1. Post a shirtless pic of myself Completed 8/10
  2. Go a full week without social media
  3. Participate in a protest
  4. Go 48 without my cell phone/ipad/laptop (December break?)
  5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  6. Take an art class
  7. Pose nude for an art class
  8. Have a real conversation with a stranger
  9. Object to a person’s behavior when I think he/she/it are out of line


  1. Go sub 2:45 in a marathon
  2. Run a 50k
  3. Run a 100k
  4. Cycle 200 miles
  5. Race a trail race
  6. Go rock climbing
  7. Run/speed hike across Mount Desert
  8. Go ice skating
  9. Join an intramural club team (basketball or something)
  10. Go mountain biking (scared of the downhills)
Mental health/stepping out of the comfort bubble
  1. Not weigh myself for a week
  2. Not track calories or meals for one whole week
  3. Eat intuitively for a week
  4. Not wear my Garmin for a week
  5. Train intuitively for a week
  1. ?
  2. ?


Future “Fears:”

  1. The Irondual: a 26.2 run/112 mile bike/26.2 run to raise money for teenage depression. Oh yeah, it’s on. Scheduled completion date: March 2020

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