Stryd Webinar 1

I did a “brief” screen share webinar on how I’ve used the Stryd running power meter foot pod (that’s a mouthful) over the past month (my first block of training) to improve my running and track progress.

Overall, I cover:

  • How have I been structuring my training with Stryd and how that compares to before?
  • How I track progress with Stryd using TP, Powercenter, and Google Sheets?
  • How I use this data to make adjustments based on this data
  • How I raced with Stryd for two PRs back to back
  • Future applications
  • For the record I am not a pro at using Stryd. I am still learning lots daily based on the writings of Jim Vance, Andrew Coggan, Joe Friel, Matt Fitzgerald, and the Stryd FB group. If I say something that is wrong, please let me know so that I can grow 😃
  • Also, power numbers and the resulting metrics are all very individual and vary from athlete to athlete more so than in cycling so do NOT compare yourself to my numbers! End of the day, its about training smart and finishing fast!



I hope to do more of these in the future so let me know what you want and what you would find helpful.

2 thoughts on “Stryd Webinar 1

  1. This is very helpful! Thank you very much.
    I really like you Google Sheets page. How do you create it? Do you pull the data directly from Garmin connect or TP? Or do you do it manually? If it’s the former, how can that be done?
    Thank you again!


    1. I am glad you liked it! I created it based on formulas from different sources and off the Stryd FB comments. I have to enter the data manually unfortunately for now based off info from TrainingPeaks, WKO4, and Powercenter.


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