Stryd Webinar 1

I did a “brief” screen share webinar on how I’ve used the Stryd running power meter foot pod (that’s a mouthful) over the past month (my first block of training) to improve my running and track progress. Overall, I cover: How have I been structuring my training with Stryd and how that compares to before? … More Stryd Webinar 1

The Recovery Technique That Few Really Talk About

If you search any running, swimming, cycling, triathlon–heck, really any training–blog, magazine, or forum you are going to find an article on recovery. “How to recover faster…” “Best Training Modalities…” “Science or Junk recovery modalities” “Best foods for recovery….” In essence, these articles will most likely have the below topics and recommendation mentioned at least … More The Recovery Technique That Few Really Talk About

Kicking Fluffy

Do you have an inner critic? Chances are you do. It’s that mental voice that tells you that you don’t belong ….that you are no good …you haven’t been training hard enough ….that you have been eating too much, ….that you will get fat, ….that you are lazy.   My wife and I call this … More Kicking Fluffy