RacingMindcast EP. 9: Vacation, Vegan bars, and The Year of Fear





Show Notes:

Intro and explanations of changes

    1. YouTube and podcast
    2. New Website
    3. Splitting the show up into 3 parts
    4. Year of Fear Explanation
  1. 4:28 Vacation Mode: 4:28
    1. Morgan’s article on how to go on Vacation: LINK
    2. 5:25: The need to let go of workouts, structure, giving up routine and structure
    3. 7:45: Tips: Going naked on the run, no schedule for workouts, playing things day by day, going on adventures,
    4. 8:30: Do I really want to force my workouts in while on vacation and what will that hurt/help
    5. 9:30: Nutrition on vacation
    6. 10:30 Ethyn the wonder dog makes an appearance
    7. 13:00 how to eat out at restaurants-the need to enjoy yourself beyond food, don’t make it about the food,
  2. Vegan protein bars 15:00
    1. Nature’s Health: Strawberry Pistachio
    2. Nature’s Health: Maple Walnut
  3. Year of Fear 21:42
    1. Morgan–Joining a Club
    2. Chris—posting a shirtless pic
  4. Links
    1. Year of Fear:
      1. Morgan:
      2. Chris:
    2. YouTube Channel:
    3. @tribuddha
    4. @Morgi_Mouse
Don’t forget to Breath and have a great week!

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