Year Of Fear Week 1: Join the Club and shirtless pics

Morgan’s Week 1, Fear #13: Join a Club

This week marked the beginning of a year-long project Chris and I are calling the “Year of Fear”. Each week we will be tackling a fear of ours from a list of 52 fears. Both Chris and I have our own unique lists and we will each be conquering something different each week from now until this time next year.

This week—Week 1—I decided to do something I’ve been meaning to do for years but always found a way to ‘forget’ about it, avoid it or find excuses not to follow through. I’m a very shy person—a true introvert—and joining a club has always been something that has looked fun but also terrifying to me. It’s hard for me to get out there and meet new people. I guess I’m afraid of rejection, making a fool of myself or not fitting in.

Screenshot 2017-08-14 08.45.44

So this week, I went online and joined not one but two clubs associated with my University. The first was Queens Yoga Club and the second was Queen’s Animal Defense (QAD). The yoga club is pretty self-explanatory; I do yoga so it made sense for me to sign up for something on campus that I feel pretty comfortable with and enjoy doing. QAD, on the other hand, might need a bit more explanation. QAD is an advocacy group devoted to social justice for all animals. It current focus centers around the welfare of animals on campus. Currently they are trying to raise awareness about animals used for research and educational purposes. Most people don’t realize that thousands of mice, rats, amphibians, birds, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, monkeys and other animals are used for demonstration, dissection, testing and research purposes at the University I attend (as well as most other major Universities).

Animal welfare has always been a passion of mine and I think I could fit in well with this group. I’m still nervous about making an appearance at the meetings—for either club I joined—but I think with a bit of positive self-talk, a bit of guts and an open mind I should get through the initial hurdle in one piece.

Keep an eye out for updates of upcoming fears, progress pics, adventures and possibly funny mishaps on our Instagram @braveheartcanada


Chris’s Week 1 Fear: Posting a Shirtless pic

So I obviously have issues with my body. Like many, it is tough for me to look in the mirror or see pictures of myself especially shirtless pics. Some days are better than others of course but its a trend and a scary one at that.

Sharing pictures is even worse for me. Posting pics of myself or even posting blog posts puts me in a position that I feel uncomfortable. Before I post (or say) something I always double think what I am going to do and start second guessing myself. The fear of trolls, what people will say, offending someone without intending, not knowing what people will think makes me typically my post before I even hit publish.
So this week, I decided to post a shirtless pic of myself on Instagram.

Before posting, I was seized with the normal fears around what will people say, what I look like, am I too fat, will people call me out, have I gained wait since taking this pic? But I hit the post button, and…..nothing happened. There literally was no reaction to the post. And that felt great! No comments, no trolling, nothing. While I wont be posting another one anytime soon unless requested of course, I think I could if I wanted to, which is a great feeling.

Chris: 1/Fear: 0



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