The Racing Mindcast Episode 10: An Attitude of Gratitude, Tastes of Summer, Manicures and Drinking Beer

In this Podcast and stream, we talk about the what, the why, and the how of gratitude. After which we launch into tasting two bars: the Oh Yeah One Blueberry Cobbler, and the Daryl’s All “Natural” S’mores. Unfortunately the video died while we were tasting the S’mores bar but you were not missing anything. It tasted like a peanut butter protein bar–not a Nutter Butter or Peter Pan type peanut butter either but natural peanut butter molded into a bar. No chocolate, marshmallow, or graham flavor at all. The Cobbler was more vanilla coating flavor but did have a strong artificial/natural i.e. New Jersey chem house natural smell and taste. Unfortunately, the coating was greasy. It also got a 5/10. Morgan and I finished up with talking about this week’s fears: getting and manicure for Morgan and drinking beer for me.
Audio only:
Here are the show notes for Episode 10:
Intro and notes on the show: Explanation of the three part show lay out: 0-2:55
  • Part 1:Racing Mindcast covering sports psyche, coaching, training tips and mental insights.
  • Part 2: Buy it or Bonk
  • Part 3: Year of Fear Project
  • If you are listening to the show on iTunes be sure to check out the for the show “LIVE”
Part 1: Attitude of Gratitude 3:00
  • What is “gratitude:” taking the time out of your day to dwell in the present and all the gifts there are in the present moment
  • 4:33 How can we become more grateful in the truest sense of the term
  • 5:11 Why should we have gratitude: changes perspective from an obstacle into an opportunity.
  • 6:00 Chris goes all Matrix on Morgan
  • 6:30 helps enjoy the process of an athletic journey more and contextualizes data point. Training is not linear but undulating
  • 8:00 Gratitude removes the label and allows you to see the reality of things
  • 11—Gratitude is not denying difficult but being thankful for those difficulties
  • 12: Gratitude when it comes to comparisons
    • Gratitude is not being complacent. You can continue to strive for better and improving yourself
    • Gratitude should be practiced along the journey rather than the finish line
    • Gratitude flips comparison and turns them inwards to see your own inner journey and gives thanks for what you have experienced
  • 15:35 Injury and Gratitude
    • Nurturing other parts of your identity
    • Giving thanks for what you can rather than what you cannot
  • 20:45 How can people be more grateful?
    • Incorporate mindful moments into everyday life
    • Write it down at a set time
    • No repeats
  • 26:20 Buy it or Bonk:Tastes of Summer
    • Oh Yeah One: Blueberry Cobbler —6/10 for Morgan 6/10 for Chris
    • Daryl’s S’mores—Unfortunately the video was cut for this but overall the rating was poor. It tasted like a peanut butter bar and had no taste of anything like a S’more
  • 28:46
    • 30’: Morgan’s Manicure and getting out of her comfort zone
    • 29’: Drinking a real beer and the fear of losing control or hiding from my emotions
    • Blog posts on the website

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