Episode 13 of the RacingMindcast: The Racing Zone, Not so Fit Bars, 1:15, and Froyo

Audio only:



Show Notes:

Part 1: Racing Mind Cast “Getting into the racing mindset”

1) How can athlete’s get into the proper mindset 1:00
2) Morgan’s fun run 3:30
3) Pre race nerves and being a practice racer 4:30
4) Confidence in your abilities 5:30
5) Get rid of the pressure
6) Disconnect from the external goals and connect to competing against yourself “Non attachment”
7) Race for yourself 6:30
8)  Make every race a fun run 7:00
9) Turn off all social media 7:15
10) “This is just a hard, catered training day” 8:10
11) Be grateful for the opportunity to race 8:50
12) There will be more races to come and put it in perspective
13) In the week leading in, visualize the race and understand that its going to be hard
14) Keep things normal
15) Remind yourself of a greater purpose 14:00
Buy it or Bonk:18:15
Fit Elite: 19:20
Fit Joy: 22:15
Year of Fear: 25:15

Bar Pics:


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