Episode 17: The Season of “Noise”, Oh Yeah One Bar, a “Scary” Outfit and Daily Meditation

In this episode we talk about all the “noise” that starts around this time of year in the endurance world. Every year around this time, sports new and our various social media apps start going haywire with updates, race reports, training files, etc. So many opportunities to compare your own performance/fitness/physique, so little time! Along with all that, ’tis also the season of fancy new gear releases that all promise to transform you from an ugly duckling into an überathlete overnight. No, no, no. Hopefully, this episode will help you come back down to earth and rethink your next panicked spending spree and ease those frazzled nerves.

As always, in Part 2 we try another new flavor from Oh Yeah One. This time it’s key lime pie. Here’s hoping it doesn’t taste too much like a lime popsicle or a household cleaner.

Finally, in Part 3, Morgan and Chris go over this weeks fears they plan to tackle in their ongoing project of The Year Of Fear. For Morgan, it’s wearing clothes that don’t necessarily fit her usual “wall flower” personality and, for Chris, it’s meditating every day for 30 minutes for an entire week!

Show Notes

Part 1: “Noise” in Endurance Sports (Social Media Hype, News and New Gear) 0:23

Part 2: Buy it or Bonk (Oh Yeah One Bar Key Lime Pie) 13:00


Part 3: The Year of Fear 16:56

Morgan’s fear of the week 17:20

Chris’s fear of the week 18:35




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